How To Create Your Own High-Converting Personal Branding Photos

Creative DIY Personal Branding Picture

Have you heard the buzz? 

Do a quick google search and the feedback is all the same.  

It is time to get your face on your brand!

Our clients are pushing to get to know us, not just our brands. They want to know who they are doing business with and who their money is going to — ethical consumerism is coming for us all, friends. Don’t be behind the curve! 

So, let’s get vulnerable and messy all in the name of moving the needle and elevating our businesses!

Get out those phones and let’s DIY some personal branding pictures that catch and hold the attention of your dream client. 

How to Take Your Own High-Converting Personal Branding Photos

What you need:

1. A message & a goal
2. A phone with a timer
3. A tripod or anything to prop your phone up
4. Location & light
5. Props
6. Wardrobe
7. A go-getter attitude

Get out a piece of paper OR *pause* and go ahead and grab the SAI Personal Branding Photo Framework right here. It walks you through the DIY photo process and keeps you organized! If you like checklists and full-proof directions, this guide is for you. (Probably just a tidbit too much insight into my need for order — teetering on the ledge of craziness over here.) Follow along and start jotting down those ideas as we go. 

Steps to DIY Your Personal Branding Pics: 

  1. Message & Goal: No surprise here — as always with running your business, you have to know the why; why you are taking pictures, and what story you want them to tell. Put a little thought into it and be intentional with the images you create. (Don’t worry, we dive deeper into that in the guide.)
  1. Location & Light: I know you hear this all the time: location, location location. It’s not just about how your spot looks — think on brand — but we also have to consider lighting. You want to look your best and unless dark and moody is part of your brand you are going to want all the light. Find a room with windows or take this photoshoot outside! 
  1. Props: It’s really all about the props! Keep it simple and minimal, but know this is how you let your audience really get to know you and your brand. Use items that help support your message & goal while also reflecting your individuality!
  1. Wardrobe: I’m going to say it again; you need to be on-brand. Stick to a style that fits with your overall brand aesthetic and colors. And while you might dress up, make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you pick. Discomfort = awkwardness in pictures.
  1. Set up & take that picture! Alright rockstar, you are at the finish line! Set your camera up. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Window sills double as tripods perfectly. Set that timer and start creating. Do it until you get it right! 

Want to dive a little deeper
Into How To Take Your Own High-Converting Personal Branding Photos?

You aren’t alone, I’m a “give me all the info” kind of person too! Download the guide now to get started.

How to DIY Your Personal
Branding Pics

Go from stressed to DONE!

This guide takes all the guesswork out of the who, what, when, where, how…It seriously answers all those questions. You even get to follow along with Shelia as she creates her very own DIY personal branding pics. I sure did create a fictional character to help you visualize how this works and guess what, you’re going to fall in love with Shelia and be a bit frustrated you don’t get to actually see her pictures 

AND that’s not it, you also get the SAI Personal Branding Photo Framework — an actionable, anxiety-reducing, time-saving worksheet that systemizes the process for you. Want to work smarter, not harder? Learn How To Take Your Own High-Converting Personal Branding Photos. Click >>HERE<< to start taking pics today!

We want to hear from you!

We are excited to see what you come up with and how you elevate your business with your new selfie branding photos! Share your images with #SAIBrandingPhotosDIY so we can support each other on the way to our big, scary dreams! You got this!

Did you think I would make you go at DIYing your own personal branding pictures alone? Here’s mine! Can’t wait to see what you create!

Need a little more direction? Or are you being a one-person show when it comes to taking your branding pics? I’m just an email or phone call away. 

Give me a call and let’s figure this out together!

How to take your own

High Converting


Personal Branding Photos!


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