Client Feature: Building a Personal Brand with Pineapple Consulting Firm

Pineapple sitting on the beach, water in the background, on a sunny day.

Another first happened when Jack Tompkins of Pineapple Consulting Firm called me. He asked me if I would take branding pictures of a pineapple, maybe even a dozen pineapples. On that short phone call I learned all about Jack’s dedication to his brand and that we would be anthropomorphizing that said pineapple! 

I was on the other side of that phone call, standing in the middle of a Starbucks, jumping up and down with excitement – small child style.

Hands down – best photo shoot of my life! I have never laughed so hard or so much during a personal branding session. From developing Jack’s visual brand strategy to laying in the sand at Jetton Park…I was in pure entrepreneurial heaven.

Pineapple sitting in a beach chair on the beach while wearing sunglasses and listening to music.

Jack’s personal branding session goals included: 

  • Pictures that support his brand strategy of “Data is fun!”
  • Consistent branding across all marketing to become recognizable in larger markets
  • Differentiation of his brand from competitors
  • Personal branding photos to use on his speaking site

Jack’s Personal Brand Mood Board

Left: Mood board created before Jack’s session (not my pictures). Right: Mood board created with Jack’s photos from his session.

Each client receives a mood board centered around their brand prior to their in-person pre-consult. It helps us both know we are on the same page for the direction of the brand. It also lays a great foundation for diving in deeper during the pre-consult where we talk all things branding and photo shoot goals!

Personal Branding Client Feature:

Jack has a clear vision of where he is headed and how he is getting there, and rolled up in that is an incredible, one-of-a-kind brand strategy. He does a great job of summing it up so I’ll let him do that:

We genuinely have a lot of fun helping small businesses become more data-driven. From fixing Excel tools, building data dashboards and informing strategy from analysis, it’s all really fun and it’s all really impactful.

We’re “Pineapple” Consulting Firm because we make data fun, and even feel vacation-like while your data is doing the hard work and you’re just enjoying driving the company forward!

Client: Pineapple Consulting Firm
Location: Jetton Park
Pineapple Styling: Jack Tompkins & Shannon Arney (We are super proud!)

Jack, thank you for daring to color outside the box and letting me be a small part of that party. I have never had so much fun photographing a pineapple in my life. Checking that one off my bucket list.

My favorite image. So much to love.

How to take your own

High Converting


Personal Branding Photos!


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