Client Feature | Building a Personal Brand with a Holistic Therapist

Personal Branding client poses and smiles at her desk for her photo.

Ashley Francis a holistic therapist and owner of Blue Sage Holistic Healing came to me looking to up the ante in her business. She wanted to be truer to herself and her clients in her branding and marketing. Ashley wanted images that would support that mission. Through her pictures she wanted to move into a personal brand, offering her current and potential clients an opportunity to get to know her before they walked through her door. 

Ashley’s Personal Branding Session Goals:

  • Images that show off her personality and values
  • Consistent branding across all digital platforms
  • Pictures that will support an increase in social media presence
  • Pictures that reflect her connectedness to nature

Ashley’s Personal Brand Mood Board

Mood board on the left and final product Brand Board on the right
Left: Mood board created before Ashley’s session (not my pictures). Right: Brand board created with Ashley’s photos from her session.

Each client receives a mood board centered around their brand prior to their in-person pre-consult. It helps us both know we are on the same page regarding the direction of the brand. It also lays a great foundation for diving in deeper during the pre-consult where we talk all things branding and photo shoot goals!

Photos from Ashley’s Personal Branding Session

Here is a little peek into what the final result of this personal branding photo shoot. We had a great crew and a great location! Check out all that participated in making this magic happen by following the links above.

A woman's hand touches a computer at a table with plants and food.
Succulents and crystals are staged on a table next to a laptop for a branding picture.
Personal Branding client poses with her podcast mic at a table at The Little Villa in Charlotte NC.
Charlotte NC Personal Branding Client lights
Charlotte Based branding client performs reiki during her personal branding photo shoot.
Personal branding photo shoot or a reiki practitioner in Charlotte NC.
Women pose on the floor for a photo shoot of a group holistic therapy session.

How to take your own

High Converting


Personal Branding Photos!


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