The Diversity Series: The Jones’

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I have thought long and hard about how to introduce this session and if I should say anything at all, instead, letting the images speak for themselves (I’m still clueless to what the right answer is if you wondered!). As someone who really loves to talk, I chose the former. 😉 

Being in an interracial relationship myself, with two amazing bi-racial children and another one on the way, it is pretty obvious why this installment of The Diversity Series speaks loudly to me. It is a way to commemorate a time in our history that will undoubtedly go down in history books as something akin to a 2nd Civil Rights Movement. It is a way to support those I love immensely and those I have never met. It is a chance to continue on a PATH I established pre-covid that sets out to celebrate diversity and to emphatically demonstrate that we are all the same, we are all one species, we are all human.

This session pretty much evolved all on its own. Eric, a Charlotte native and local realtor (Check him out!), and I connected through social media and one shut-down later we were discussing brand sessions and capturing head-shots. He was interested in doing another session down the road in Uptown (Uh, yes please!). A few emails later and we realized we both shared similar visions of a family session in Uptown Charlotte at the impressive Black Lives Matter Mural. I am beyond grateful for the images we captured. 



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As part of The Diversity Series, I send out a little questionnaire so you can get to know the people in front of the camera. I LOVED Eric’s answers!! Here is a little about Eric and his family.

What do you love most about Charlotte?

I’m a foodie ? so the different places to eat, from sandwich shops to fine dining, there is something to eat for every person’s palate.

I love the fact that we have four seasons. Each season allows us to experience The Queen City in different ways.

I love the growth I’ve seen from my childhood to now -some good some bad- but overall for the city of Charlotte, it’s been good.

Love the lite rail and trolleys.

Love the diverse culture here.

Love the skyline. I remember when the Radisson Plaza was the tallest building downtown. Lol

What is the best part of being a “boy dad”?

I honestly wanted to be a girl dad. Lol I guess God has a sense of humor. Giving me twins boys when my first son was 3 months Then one more try. Another Son??.

The best part of being a boy dad is to know you have an opportunity to teach and influence our sons, who are new to this crazy world we live in. To teach them love, respect, and humility has been rewarding.

Knowing that things we do as parents are  “caught not taught” by our children has been our motto. My sons watch me closely I have always known that and I take it seriously, from how I communicate with them and others to how I respond to situations and circumstances – they are watching and learning. They will hopefully be husbands and fathers one day, but if not at least they will be respectful, honorable, and productive men in this world we live in.

What are your boys’ favorite pastimes (sports, music, theatre, etc.)?

My oldest, Elijah (19), is an artist by nature. He draws really well. Ran track, played football and soccer in high school and is a Sophomore at UNCC.

Twins, Jalen & Josiah(17), are athletic as well – track and soccer. They are Tik Tok famous ?per my youngest son Joshua, and want to pursue modeling and acting, YouTube, Instagram – all that teen social media stuff!

Joshua (12), the cutest of them all, the life of the family, Mr independent, the list goes on. With 3 older brothers, he’s the best. He loves Soccer. Soccer. Soccer. And since he just got his new phone which we don’t allow til 8th-grade (He got it a year earlier. Hey, he’s the baby boy??‍♂️?) now it’s Soccer – Phone – Phone – Soccer ?

Share a fun fact or anecdote about your family?

Our sons still say I love you, give us hugs in the mornings, and say good night before bed.

No cell phones at dinner table private or public.

Eye contact when speaking to others. 

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Eric has been with his wife, Leanna, for 20 years! GOALS!!! One of the things that greatly impacted me at this session were Eric’s four boys. They are genuine, kind, happy, and incredibly sweet individuals. I observed the effect of Eric’s words on parenting from above in action. AND each of the boys left the photo session by giving me a hug!!! A simple act, but it made my day. I told them they were going to make a pregnant woman cry. 😉 

May we all help create a better world through our actions and the humans we raise just like Eric and Leanna.

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The mission behind The Diversity Series is to celebrate the little nuances and distinctions that make us unique while demonstrating how we are all just HUMAN. Want to learn more about the why and how of this project? Jump on over to the blog Introducing The Diversity Series to learn more!

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