Introducing The Diversity Series

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I’m going to be pretty transparent here. I have layers, lots of layers. I’m someone who is defined by serving a greater “purpose.” I feel like running a photography business should fulfill that purpose, but I always find myself floundering; it just hasn’t been enough to fill some sort of void that exists in me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love every bit of running my business (except accounting, that shit sucks). 

I’ve spent years trying to figure out how to combine my passion for photography and my education in anthropology (soooo much more than an education, totally a way of life and thinking). I also strive to live in a way that promotes inclusivity and diversity…I told you…layers.  I have turned the wheels a long time trying to figure out how to make my business represent all of these parts of me. I just don’t think I was listening to myself, if that makes sense. I was doing what I was supposed to do as a business owner, not what I wanted to do. 

I feel like it is so obvious now, but for the last 2.5 years, I’ve been clueless! I’ve always said, “One day I want to do a diversity motherhood shoot.” I can picture it; moms of all ages, shapes, sizes, colors, beliefs, all represented in one photo, showing our solidarity and inclusivity (it is going to happen so watch for it!).  For some reason, the thought to broaden that perspective into an ongoing passion project never occurred to me. BUT, I have finally listened. I have finally figured out how to represent everything I love and value in one singular entity, something I’m calling THE DIVERSITY SERIES. I can’t say this project is completely selfless because, to some extent, I’m just seeking fulfillment, but there is no shame in feeling good about what you do and doing what you love!

So here it is, my dream passion project. It’s my way of combining all my loves while serving a greater good. I want to help create a world that is better for my kids. I want to help create a world that is united and kind. I want to help create a world that realizes race is just a social construct, not a biological fact! Uniqueness should be celebrated. Our differences and imperfections are what makes our world so incredibly beautiful. My mission for The Diversity Series is to celebrate the little nuances and distinctions that make us unique while demonstrating how in the end, we are all just HUMAN.

So please follow along with me on this new and incredibly personal and rewarding journey as I use my camera to promote my passions. Here’s to the…

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The Diversity Series

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When Tracey contacted me to have her daughter be part of The Diversity Project her response to why she wanted to be involved was “My daughter, Rae, rocks Down syndrome!”


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I have thought long and hard about how to introduce this session and if I should say anything at all, instead, letting the images speak for themselves (I’m still clueless to what the right answer is if you wondered!). 


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Overarchingly, humanity has spent years trying to downplay and even hide human variation as if it is shameful and embarrassing, instead of an asset to be celebrated. One of the reasons I love photography so much is that …

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Back when I first started dreaming about The Diversity Series THIS portrait session is the first one I envisioned. Due to covid and coordinating three busy schedules, it took longer than I expected to get to the finish line, but the wait was worth it! (CLICK TO READ MORE)

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Do you want to get involved OR do you just want to make sure you don’t miss future  blog posts? CLICK BELOW! 

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